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Of Two Minds (Poem)

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

A kind of madness overtakes my brain, Distracting me, in every waking hour. I feel it ever pulling me in twain; My greatest weakness, once it was my pow’r.

Observe, on some topic both deep and dense, My tendency to split right at the joint; “The way you see the world, it does make sense, Yet still I can’t dismiss the counterpoint.”

This empathy, and willingness to drink From different wells of knowledge, helps convey The truths about the world, just as I think. So why’s it always feel like like I betray?

I know which answer’s right, and which to cull, Can quote with certainty what’s relevant, And yet a voice speaks out inside my skull: “You’re grasping one part of the elephant, But missing pieces; this I shall correct! You must allow new truths to guide your view! This fact you lean on, might be quite suspect…” Where once I had a mind, I now have two.

Not quite naive, nor badly misinformed, I see your point of view, and see it clear. But if you ask me what views I have formed I won’t come down on either side, I fear. My ship of mind asail on seas most brave In search of truths; I hoped I might survive. But here I sail on endless ocean waves In all directions, never to arrive.

I want to know what’s true, and yet I’ve found The facts, on each side fit as I select. Incompatible narratives abound; The same fact, viewed askew, may well reflect The points of view of both my inner minds. One mind may see some bug as true feature, And argue strongly; still the other finds Nightmare actu’lized by this same creature.

Each truth may have broad interpretations And with new evidence, I feel a surge, Drives my brain to vi’lent undulations; I’m not convinced this series will converge. And if it shan’t, I may be cast away Without epistemological raft To keep my shattered brain from giving sway; The crashing waves just might split me in half.

Some say the world is infinitely vast, That new truths lie beyond each setting sun. And yet, I hope before my life is past My minds, in but a flash, may be as One.

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