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Just For Now (Poem)

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

The pressures push in from all sides, And you’re just not sure that you’ll make it. But a new start, a new day provides; To get through today, you can fake it. Someday you’ll be able to thrive, But for now, It’s ok just to survive.


The whole world is crashing around you, You’ve made an enormous mistake. You could have just stayed where they found you But you saw new adventures to make. You couldn’t just sit and connive, That’s just fine! It’s ok just to survive.


Your job always felt like a drag, And you knew that you need something more. But food’s still in your grocery bag While you search for work you adore. At least now you’re free 9-5, You’ll be fine! It’s ok just to survive.


The mountaintop, always so distant; Why did you venture so far? Try to focus on just this one instant, And rest if you need, where you are. In this moment, some peace you’ll derive, If you know that It’s ok just to survive.


Now liquid is filling the room, And you await (metaphorical) slaughter. If swimming towards help still spells doom, just keep your head above water. Eventually, you might dive, Kick those feet, It’s ok just to survive.


In a month or a year there’ll be movement, That’s comfort, when things feel deranged. Not every change is improvement, But every improvement’s a change. Keep searching your soul for your drive, All the while, It’s ok just to survive.


There’s hope as long as you’re alive. So remember, It’s ok just to survive.

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